Documentary Director & Cinematographer
About me

I am a documentary director and cinematographer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands (b. 1993).

My films are scene-based, observational documentaries with a strong personal angle and dramatic structure.

The “spark” for my films comes from personal struggles I’m going through at a particular moment. Led by curiosity and emotional involvement, I start asking questions I really want to know the answer to. This results in a very personal film which resonates through universal themes as love, loyalty and self-determination.

In my cinematography I prefer either static wide angles (tableau vivants) or intuitive, dynamic camerawork, following the body language of a character closely. In all cases, I find making clear aesthetic choices, and following them all the way through, absolutely essential.

Contact / +31 6 34992810

My films
2021   At the feet of my mother
            ︎ Netherlands Film Festival, Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Busan Interntional Short Film Festival, Ethnocineca International Documentary Film Festival Vienna,  Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer

2019   Mama Mania
            ︎ DOK Leipzig, Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, NPO 2 Extra, Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, Kortfilmfestivalen, Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer, Plons! International Short Documentary Film Festival, Braunschweig film festival, Global University Film Awards Hong Kong (GUFA), Up and Coming Hannover, ISFF Vision, Two Short Nights, Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival, Minikino Film Week Bali International Short Film Festival, Won Together Doc and TV Film Festival, Leiden International Short Film Experience, International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools Kinoproba, Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival, Rialto for Short, Eindhoven Film Festival, Ammehoela, Rotterdams open doek, Uitkort, Metro Movies, Rencontres Vidéo en Santé Mentale

2017 - 2021         BA Audiovisual Media, HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht
2013 - 2016         BA Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
2011 - 2012          BA Philosophy, University of Groningen