Documentary Director & Cinematographer

A prime-time documentary series (HUMAN, NPO1) on the Dutch education system, based in Amsterdam-Noord.

As part of my internship for this series I made pre-selections of daily rushes and first drafts of scenes.
I also assisted with research and did some camerawork.

Directors: Ester Gould, Sarah Sylbing, Daan Bol
Cinematography: Jean Counet, Wilko van Oosterhout
Sound: Rik Meier, Carla van der Meijs
Editing: Pelle Asselbergs, Patrick Janssens
Junior editor: Lianne Kotte
Research: Manon van der Sluijs
Dramaturgy: Chris Westendorp
Producers: Annemiek Munneke, Judith Vreriks
Junior producer: Sven Veldhuizen
Interns: Sam van Galen, Tom Roggen, Bob van Ruitenbeek, Vincent Sparreboom
Broadcaster: HUMAN / NPO1
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