Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Cinematographer
White Balls on Walls (2022)

Director: Sarah Vos
Cinematography: Sander Snoep, Ton Peters
Additional Camerawork: Vincent Sparreboom
Producer: Frank van den Engel
Executive Producer: Julie van Schieveen

Sound: Mark Wessner
Editing: Gys Zevenbergen
Sound design: Peter Warnier
Music: Alan McLachlan

Produced by: Zeppers Film & NTR
Distribution: Herrie Film & TV
90 minutes
DCP, ProRes, H.264

The slogan “Meet the icons of modern art” needs to be scraped off the glass wall of the Stedelijk, Amsterdam’s modern art museum. Because precisely who the icons of modern art are is very much the question. Who gets to decide? And who loses out? In 2019, as director Sarah Vos started shooting her documentary, more than 90 percent of art at the Stedelijk was made by white men. That’s got to change, the museum’s director Rein Wolfs believes. But this is easier said than done—so much becomes clear when Vos follows Wolfs and his team as they strive for greater diversity in the collection, as well as among their staff.

It was a brave move by the Stedelijk to allow a camera behind the scenes of a process that raises uncomfortable and awkward questions. Can a painting still be titled “The Prostitutes”? When you appraise art, should you also take the skin color or gender of the artist into account? And how to engage with visitors who find all this “too politically correct”?

This film is more than a look behind the scenes at a museum: as well as presenting a new perspective on art history, it magnificently encapsulates the struggles that are engaging many historical and cultural institutions.

Screenings ︎

IDFA International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam  (11.11.2022) World Premiere

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Next ︎