Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Cinematographer
Vetarm (2021)

Idea and research: Saskia Huybrechtse
Directing, camera and editing: Vincent Sparreboom
Production: Saskia Huybrechtse & Vincent Sparreboom

Office production: Eric de Ruijter
Sound: Isa de Grood
Grading: Sean Louw
Sound post: Auris Media
Commissioned by FNO Zorg voor Kansen

Together with Saskia Huybrechtse of theatre collective Parels voor de Zwijnen, I made four documentary portraits of people in Amsterdam Noord dealing with poverty and obesity. The portraits were commissioned by FNO Zorg voor Kansen and used in their public health program called “Gezonde Toekomst Dichtbij”.

Episode 1: Tineke

Episode 2: Jennifer

Episode 3: Chimene

Episode 4: Dicky

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