Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Cinematographer
Self-Portrait (2023)
Director: Laura Huygen
Cinematography: Vincent Sparreboom
Editing: Laura Huygen

Sound: Sam Wolting, Jos Mauro Witteveen

Produced by: Van Osch Films & NTR
Commissioning Editor: Sander Nieuwenhuijsen

With: Marijk Greweldinger
10 minutes
ProRes, H.264

This short documentary shows how children work at a young age on a strong self-image and embracing their imagination.

The children in this art class by Marijk Greweldinger are not allowed to use an eraser in drawing lessons. When they draw something they are not satisfied with, it turns out to be a major challenge. When they discuss the influence and meaning of the eraser, they discover that it extends beyond their drawings.

The film was made as part of Docwerk, for the Art Dept program. from the NTR.

Screenings ︎

Lumière Maastricht (30.05.2023) World Premiere

Limburgs Filmfestival (04.06.2023)

Euregion Filmfestival (16.03.2024)

Awards ︎

Audience Award, Euregion Filmfestival 2024

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Next ︎