Documentary Director & Cinematographer

Director: Vincent Sparreboom
Cinematography: Anelise Salan
Sound & editing: Magnus Lorenz
Sound editing: Erik Langhout
Grading: Sean Louw
Produced by: Aristoteles Workshop
Line Producers: Mihaela Stanescu, Sabina Lazar
Producers: Dun Nutu & Cristina Hoffman
Coaches: John Appel, Jeroen Berkvens,
Lotte Mik-Meyer, Laurent Bécue-Renard

11 minutes 30 seconds
DCP, ProRes, H.264

Estera, a twenty year old girl from a rural community in Romania, will soon get married to a man she hardly knows. By closely observing her expressive face, the film reveals a trace of inner doubt and asks: could this be, or ever become, true love? ”

Screenings ︎

Les Enfants Terribles - European festival for first films, Belgium (18.10.2019)

Leiden International Short Film Experience, The Netherlands (11.09.2020)
Awards ︎

Best film, Aristoteles Workshop 2018


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